Easy Records Storage Solutions

Don't waste another moment sifting though unorganized files taking up your valuable and expensive office space and wasting personnel time! Easy Self-Storage and Records Management can help! Get organized and free up your valuable space by using our new, EASY approach to file storage. New boxes to store your files and shelving which allows for more items in a smaller space which adds up to faster and easier retrieval of all your files.

Medical Records
Legal Records
Accounting Records
Insurance Records
Financial Records

Climate Control
Accessibility: File are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Efficiency: Clean, neat inventory system makes referencing stored files quick and easy.
Cost savings: Our storage costs are much lower than the cost of your valuable office space.
Security: State of the art closed circuit security system, well lit, patrolled, your own lock.

Your initial pickup is FREE along with storage setup. Our storage planners can help with subsequent deliveries so your employees' time spent on storage is kept to a minimum. Find out how to get 13 months for the price of 12 months!

Sizes to Choose From:
5x8 - will hold up to 72 boxes
5x10 - will hold up to 120 boxes
5x15 - will hold up to 180 boxes
10x10 - will hold up to 240 boxes
10x15 - will hold up to 384 boxes
10x20 - will hold up to 528 boxes
10x30 - will hold up to 768 boxes

Monthly rental includes unit and shelving.

Monthly automatic payments available. Never a late charge guaranteed!


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